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South Sea Horizons
Welcome to your PNG inbound tour specialist.

South Sea Horizons (SSH) is a PNG based Kokoda track Tour Operator (ITO) that promotes and sells activity based tour on the Kokoda Track. We are a locally run operations with a strong community presence within the Kokoda Track community.

SSH place a strong emphasis on conducting low impact tours and with an aim of assisting local Kokoda Track communities to develop eco-tourism products that are sustainable and easily managed by the community. We believe that SSH have a far superior ability to connect with local village operators and suppliers, acting as a quality control mechanism for our offshore clients.

SSH Kokoda operations were formed by local experienced guides from the Kokoda Track and is a company owned under a cooperative structure namely from Sogeri, Avulogo, Nauro, Menari, Efogi, Naduri, Kagi, Alola, Isurava, Hoi, and Kokoda. Our Kokoda Track company was formed with an objective of empowering the local landowners from the Kokoda track, enhancing local led guides and promoting a business owned and managed by the grandchildren of the original Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels.



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Paddy Pallin